Collision Sentry



 Always on Guard

In industrial settings where forklift traffic and pedestrians intersect, Collision Sentry® forklift collision detection and avoidance products can help reduce or eliminate “blind corner” collisions by providing a visual warning that alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic. Working like a traffic light to flash a warning, the patent-pending Collision Sentry is easy to install, self-powered, highly visible and reliable.  Download Collision Sentry Brochure


The Collision Sentry Advantage


  • Uses standard D – cell alkaline batteries, eliminating the need for any wiring to a facility’s electrical system.
  • Batteries are designed to operate for one to two years depending on usage.
  • Low-battery indicator sends a warning well in advance of batteries needing replacement. Replacement batteries are readily available.

Passive Infrared Motion Sensors

  • Programmed to detect motion on both sides of the corner.
  • Sends ample warning to the forklift driver and the pedestrian to correct their movements.
  • PIR sensors are a proven technology used in security lighting and alarm systems.
  • Forklift collision detection and avoidance products are rugged, feature a wide lens range and don’t wear out.
  • PIR sensors are pre-set and ready to use. No adjustment necessary.

Highly visible LED lights

  • Flash a warning when motion is detected from both directions.
  • Long life, require minimal or no replacement.
  • Warning lights flash only when someone is really there. Less false reads.
  • Send powerful visual warning of a possible collision.


  • Requires minimal space and no tools for installation.
  • Installs easily and virtually anywhere.
  • The unit is compact, lightweight and can be deployed immediately following installation.
  • Can be easily snapped onto pallet racking systems using included magnet mounts.
  • Tether included with each forklift collision detector for added fastening security.

 Download Collision Sentry Brochure

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